7 Types of Muslim Headwear for Women

7 Types of Muslim Headwear for Women

A covering or veil is a piece of clothing that's used to cover the head, face, or anything which has a symbolic importance or sacredness. Though the issue on veiling is not very clearly documented in Muslim writings, it's commonly associated with women and holiness. The veil is worn by Muslims to show respect to an object or as an expression of their cultural identity.

Key Market For Emerging Modest Fashion

The UAE will be a key Modest Fashion market for international brands, on the back of its large Muslim population base, with over 75% of the population being Muslim. The global fashion industry is increasingly adopting the Modest Fashion trend, which has often been largely associated with religious observance by the conservative Islamic culture. Mainstream international brands have started to expand their clothing lines into the Modest Fashion segment, launching across the Middle East and also stocking Modest Fashion products in western markets. Modest Fashion is best known as the modernisation of traditional Islamic attire with the purpose of looking stylish while remaining relatively covered up.

Hijab Questions Answered

The hijab, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable badges of Muslim women. But there’s much more to the Islamic dress code for women than the hijab. For some hijab means pairing a headscarf with Western-style clothes. For others it means wearing loose robes as well. Still others add a niqab, or face veil, to their ensembles.

بينيس فاشن

كيف أصبح الحجاب موضةً راقيةً وأحدث انقساماً بين النساء المسلماتيشتهر معرض لندن فاشن ويك (London Fashion Week) بعرض أفضل تصاميم الأزياء الراقية، وبلا شك، لن يكون مختلفاً هذا الموسم. بل سيتم اضافة مفاجأة لعروض أزياء الحجاب التي ستعقد عام 17/2016. إن الحجاب الذي تختار بعض النساء ارتداءه على رؤوسهن قد سجّل اتجاهاً سائداً. في الشهر الماضي، أصبحت شركة "دولتشي آند غابانا" واحدة من أحدث شركات تصميم العلامات التجارية والتي ستقوم بإطلاق مجموعة تدعى موديست وير (الملابس المتواضعة)، بحيث ستنضم الى مثيلاتها من شركات تصميم الأزياء والموضة مثل أوسكار دي لا رينتا وتومي هيلفيغر.

How to survive the summer heat and stay fashionable with your Hijab​

It’s the time of the year again when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone is
outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. After many years of wearing the hijab, I think I’ve
finally mastered the art of surviving the summer’s heat while wearing a hijab and dressing

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