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How to survive the summer heat and stay fashionable with your Hijab​




It’s the time of the year again when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and everyone is 
outside  enjoying  the  gorgeous  weather.  After  many  years  of  wearing  the  hijab,  I  think  I’ve 
finally  mastered  the  art  of  surviving  the  summer’s  heat  while  wearing  a  hijab  and  dressing 
Things  are  so  much  easier  nowadays,  you  can  choose  between  material,  print,  size,  style  and 
accessories. When choosing an outfit on a sweltering day, you need to consider three things: Is 
it modest? Is it good for the heat? Is it stylish?
Islam dictates that our clothes should be loose and not form fitting which happens to be perfect 
for summer dressing. Loose clothes help air circulate throughout your body and keep you cool. 
Tight clothes will trap moisture and body heat causing you to sweat and smell.
Fabrics that are breathable and light weight are ideal for hot temperatures. A fabric’s breatheability is determined by how fine the thread is and how loosely its woven together. Long sleeves 
and covering your body not only protect your skin from the suns harmful rays but they actually 
act as a barrier against the suns heat as well.
Hat:  if you’re  going to be  out  in  the  sun,  you  should  definitely  wear  a  hat  for  protection  from 
the suns’ harsh rays. Opt for a wide brimmed hat for a more feminine look.
Sunglasses:  Look  for  sunglasses  with  100%  UV  rays  protection  and  some  HEV  (High-energy 
visible)  ray  protection.  Eye  protection  from  the  sun  is  very  important  and  squinting  causes 
premature wrinkles.
Color: Find cotton hijabs in light colors that are not transparent yet breathable.
Hijab styles:  Opt for styles that are not tightly wrapped around your head or face. The looser 
your hijab, the less suffocated you’ll feel. 
Top:  If  you  can  find  long  sleeve  shirts  made  out  of  linen  or  cotton,  kudos  to  you.  Otherwise 
you  can  improvise  and  come  up  with  cute  heat  friendly  outfits,  long  summer  dress  with 
cardigan or long skirt, tank top & cardigan.
One  piece  sleeve:  They  are  long  sleeves  attached  together  from  the  upper  back/shoulder 
area. They’re excellent for outfits that have see-through sleeves or no sleeves at all. Instead of 

wearing an entire shirt underneath your sleeveless outfit, you can avoid looking bulky and over 
heating yourself by wearing extra fabric on your arms!
Bottom: Plazzo pants are perfect, light, airy and not form fitting.
Slip: Wear them under your skirts and dresses to ensure full coverage.
Shilwaar’s:  The pant piece of South Asian outfits are called shilwaar’s. They are cut more like 
a trouser and you can wear them under skirts and dresses. Hike it up a little higher than normal 
and then enjoy the heat without exposing your legs or being uncomfortable.
Skirt: Fully lined skirts in summery prints are perfect for coolness as well as fashion.
Just  remember  the  hijabi  code  and  the  fact  that  you  have  many  options  to  stay  cool  and 
fashionable during the summer.​


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